One Dope Lineup

Pick your jam or shuffle through

Our eclectic play list of sun-grown, top-notch quality cannabis products.

Flower Power

Sun's Out, Nugs Out

Grab a 1-up for any level you're playing on with sun-grown flower that's always a win. Available in eighths, half-ounce, popcorn, and STARDUST.

Tasty Licks

Straight-up Bangers when you need 'em

A pure flow from the first note to the big finish, our botanically derived cartridges come in a rainbow of flavors. Produced via ethanol extraction and double distilled for up to 93% potency. (That means you know it’s good. Trust us.)

Roll Out

Up your pre-game.

The cannabis that goes into our pre-rolls is so tight. It’s packed in perfectly and grown in the sun with all the right light, so you know it’ll keep you in the groove.

Down to play

When The Beat Drops

We’ve been cooking up something special in the lab, so you can turn any day into a festival of fun with our flavorful edibles in Low Dose and High Dose* options.

Live Resin Concentrate

Live Resin Concentrate

A smooth and lively dabble that will keep you hanging on from the first note to the big encore.

Play on, player

We bring the cool, sun-grown cannabis. You game on to a soundtrack that keeps bumping out the bangers. Hit up your local dispensary to hear more