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Blondie Bites High Dose

Blondie Bites
High Dose

Check out the headliner of deliciously smooth highs that will keep you hanging on from the first note to the big encore.

*Medical Card Holders Only

Blondie Bites Low Dose

Blondie Bites
Low Dose

Sometimes you just need an opening act to get your body moving. One bite of our Blondies will put the prep in your step for sure.

RSO Hell Yeah

Our Blondie Bites aren’t just decadently dosed brownies with creamy chocolate chips. Each one is auto-tuned with a full-on symphony of full-spectrum extracts like RSO, aka Rick Simpson Oil. When Rick used his own oil to treat cancerous spots on his arm (which went away completely), he never imagined all the ways we’d be using his cannabis concentrate today. Its healing properties and whole-body effect are definitely our jam and we think you’ll be singing its praises, too.

Play on, player

We bring the cool, sun-grown cannabis. You game on to a soundtrack that keeps bumping out the bangers. Hit up your local dispensary to hear more